July 24, 2019

8:00 pm | Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall

Concert Overview

Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major, Op. 12 No. 2

Dedicated to his teacher Antonio Salieri (he of Amadeus fame), this set of violin sonatas was his first. Featuring playful banter between the musicians it builds to a thrilling crescendo.

Aubade for String Trio in C Major

An ‘Aubade’ is a song sung by lovers parting in the morning, a contrast to evening’s ‘Serenade.” Without words, Enescu paints a picture of two young people as they part for the day, full of joy and love.

Intermezzo for String Trio

In the style of a “serenade,” Kodály’s Intermezzo incorporates the Hungarian folk melodies that he was recording into the music to preserve local musical traditions.

Nocturne et Cortège

Lili Boulanger was the first female to win the Prix de Rome. These two short works are great contrasts as one is a lullaby the other a grand procession.

Quartet for Piano and Strings in C minor, Op. 13

Strauss’ works often have a narrative arch and direct link to stories. As a young composer, though, he did compose several symphonies and chamber works, including this often overlooked Piano Quartet.

Suggested Performances

Turina Piano Quartet, Op. 67

Turina studied in Paris and met many of the leading Impressionist composers of the day, but his music remains distinctly Spanish with folk melodies used throughout the quartet. Hear it on Wednesday, July 3.

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Grieg Violin Sonata, Op. 8

Grieg, most well known for his large scale works, wrote a number of pieces for smaller groups, including his first Violin Sonata. James Ehnes and Orion Weiss perform this melodic work during the Pre-Concert Recital on Friday, July 5.

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Beach String Quartet, Op. 89

Beach’s String Quartet was written in a single movement and incorporates Inuit melodies. It wasn’t published during her life, but shows off her versatility as a composer. Hear her only string quartet on Wednesday, July 17.

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