Pay What You Can Tickets

SCMS is committed to eliminating financial barriers that make it difficult for community members to join us for our festival performances. At every festival concert, a limited number of Pay What You Can tickets are available for individuals who are unable to afford the full price of a ticket.


What is “Pay What You Can?”

Pay What You Can is just that: you decide what you are able to pay for a ticket and pay that amount.

How do I reserve my tickets?

Can I purchase Pay What You Can Tickets to any SCMS event?

Pay What You Can Tickets will only available for Winter Festival 2024 In-Person concerts. They are not currently available for any other SCMS event or concert.

To purchase by phone:

Call our box office at 206-283-8808, say you would like to purchase a Pay What You Can ticket and we will process the ticket order and payment over the phone.

To purchase online:

Once Winter Festival 2024 tickets become available for purchase, simply visit this page and select the preferred dates!

All yellow seats are available as Pay What You Can tickets. A $6 processing fee is applied to all ticket orders.

How many Pay What You Can tickets can I buy? Each community member may purchase up to 2 tickets per festival performance.


Other Ticket Options

Teen Tix: SCMS is a teen tix partner and offers $5 tickets for all enrolled teens. More information about teen tix can be found HERE.

Senior Discount: $40 tickets are available to seniors 1 week before each concert (1 ticket per senior).

Student/Under 30 Discount: $25 tickets are available to students.

Student Discount: $25 tickets are available for K-12 students or students enrolled in an accredited university, college, or trade school.