Rhythm Section: Discover Percussion

Concert Overview

Discover the world of percussion with the arx duo! From drums, to shakers, to your own hands, you’ll learn about the huge range of instruments that fall into the “percussion” instrument category. During this concert, you’ll hear some amazing performances of music from around the world, build your own instruments, and play along with the arx duo. This is a perfect introduction to classical music for children ages 5-10, and is fun for the whole family!

This concert will be available to stream beginning at 11am (PDT) on Saturday, August 1 and is available through Monday, August 17.

Access for this concert is $15. (Please note, if you already subscribed to the SCMS Virtual Summer Festival the Family Concert is included.)

Some recommended items for making your own instruments to play along:

  • Chopsticks (you can also use your fingers and hands)
Tom Tom Drums
  • 2 or 3 Kitchen bowls of different sizes (metal is ideal)
  • Saran/Plastic wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic tubs with lids (clean takeout containers are ideal)
  • Small amount of rice, dry beans, and/or seeds
  • 2 different size glass bottles (soda bottle, empty jam jar, etc) – plastic bottles can also work