Igor Stravinsky

1882 - 1971

The Russian born composer Igor Stravinsky inclined toward the music of the French impressionists Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, while still maintaining his nationalist outlook. This resulted in such pieces as Fireworks, The Faun and the Shepherdess, and his ballet Firebird. He utilized clean orchestral textures, bright instrumentation, and an emphasis on irregular rhythms. Other major works include Movements for piano and orchestra, The Dove Descending Breaks the Air for chorus, Cantata, In Memoriam Dylan Thomas, Three Shakespeare Songs, Threni, Introit, Requiem Canticles and Rite of Spring, a neoclassical ballet for Sergei Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. Stravinsky approached composing with the craft of a fine jeweler ensuring that everything was of the highest quality and each addition in its place.