David Popper //
1843 - 1913
Born in the Prague ghetto, Austrian cellist and composer David Popper began instruction at the Prague Conservatory at the age of 12. While originally a student of the violin, he became a cellist due to the shortage of them at the school. At the age of 18, Popper was appointed to the position of assistant principal cellist of the Löwenberg Court Orchestra, which he became principal cellist of the following year. In 1868 he became the principal cellist in the Vienna Hofoper and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as well as joined the Hellmesberger Quartet. In 1872, Popper married Sophie Menter, a pupil of Liszt and daughter to the cellist Joseph Menter. In 1886 Popper was appointed by Liszt as professor at the National Hungarian Royal Academy of Music. There he established departments for both cello studies and chamber music. While there he also became a member of the Hubay Quartet. Popper remained a professor at the Academy until his dead in 1913.

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