Board of Directors and Administration

Board of Directors

Steven Garber, Certified Public Accountant

1st Vice President
Marilyn Brockman, Retired Architect

2nd Vice President
Jennifer Lee Philanthropic Advisor, The Seattle

Kim A. Anderson, Retired Attorney

Ann Janes-Waller, Retired Financial Advisor

Immediate Past President
Geoffrey Groshong, Attorney, Groshong Law

2017-2018 Board Members
Jill D. Bader, Mental Health Counselor
Diana Carey, Attorney, Karr Tuttle Campbell
William M. Cohn, Retired Physician
Janice C. Condit, Community Volunteer
Shaun Corry, CCO, Lesa Sroufe & Co.
John F. Cramer, Physician
Susan E. Detweiler, Pathologist
Keith R. Dolliver, Attorney, Microsoft Corporation
Michael Edwards, Retired Financial Advisor
Diana Gale, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, University of Washington Evans School
Ann Gelfand, Retired Nurse, Artist, Small Business Owner
Kennan Hollingsworth, Retired Physician
Ned Laird, Retired Airline Consultant
Tom McQuaid, Owner, Nordic Cold Storage
Susan Neumann, Community Volunteer
Mary Neuschwanger, Business Owner
James A. Penney, Executive Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs, Wave Division Holdings, LLC
Sheila Sternberg, Community Volunteer
Diane Stevens, Retired Educator
Patricia Tall-Takacs, Retired Retailer
Jean B. Viereck, Community Volunteer
Christina Wright, Retired Mathematics Educator/School Psychologist


J. Scott Gary, Attorney, Karr Tuttle Campbell


2017-2018 Foundation Board

Ned Laird

John F. Cramer
James A. Penney
Leo Van Dorp


Honorary Board

Jeanne Ehlichman Bluechel
William Cobb*
Dr. David Davis
Ruth Gerberding
Evette Glauber
Helen Gurvich*, Founding Memeber
Wheldon Ihrig
Dr. Alan Morgan
Gilbert S. Omenn, M.D.
Jim Roark
Betty Lou Treiger
Arlene Wade*






Executive Director
Connie Cooper
[email protected]

Director of Education & Operations
Rachel A. Ciprotti
[email protected]

Director of Development
Kimberly Fulghum
[email protected]

Director of Marketing and Communications
Seneca Garber
[email protected]

Box Office and Audience Services Manager
Elizabeth Nelson
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant
Amanda Sharp
[email protected]


Mailing Address
10 Harrison Street, Suite 306
Seattle, WA 98109

[email protected]

Administrative Office
(206) 283-8710

Box Office
(206) 283-8808

(206) 283-8826