January 26, 2020

3:00 pm | Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya Hall

Concert Overview

Concerto for 2 Violins and Orchestra in D minor, BWV 1043

One of Bach’s most enduring concertos, this work for two violins is a perfect example of Bach’s skill at using counterpoint and creating fugues.

Concerto No. 5 for Harpsichord and Orchestra in F minor, BWV 1056

The beautiful second movement is based on a theme by Telemann, one of Bach’s friends, directly quoting the first few measures, and elaborating on the melody.

Concerto No. 4 for Harpsichord and Orchestra in A Major, BWV 1055

Arguments persist regarding which instruments this concerto was originally scored for before being adapted for keyboard.

Concerto for 3 Violins and Strings in D Major, BWV 1064R

Adapted from a concerto for three harpsichords, this piece is less known than his concerto for two violins, but no less beautiful

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