Campaign Donors

We thank the following donors for their generous gifts of $5,000 or more to our Center for Chamber Music Campaign between October 1, 2018 and June 26, 2020.


Gilbert S. Omenn and Martha A. Darling for the gift of the Gilbert S. Omenn and Martha A. Darling Artistic Director Endowment Fund


Kim A. Anderson
Alan F. Black, in memory of Sally Black
Mike Callahan and Ronald Welch
Karen Sutherland Cameron
Diana K. Carey
John F. Cramer, III and Suzanne T. Poppema
Susan E. Detweiler, MD, in memory of Alexander W. Clowes, MD
Keith Dolliver
Lynda Marie Emel and Carter Bentley
Dr. Marc and Maria Erlitz
Friday Foundation
Steve and Peggy Garber
Ann and Martin Gelfand, in memory of Toby Saks and in honor of Richard O’Neill
Dr. Kennan Hollingsworth
Dana and Ned Laird, in memory of Bee Laird Hylinski
Arni Litt
James W. and Pamela Murray
Susan and Gary Neumann
The Norcliffe Foundation
Susan Lee Pazina, in memory of Leona Giering Pazina
James A. Penney and LauraLeigh Young
Spencer A. Johnson and Braiden Rex-Johnson
James F. Roark, Jr, MD
Margaret and John Sanders
Craig and Nancy Shumate
Sheila and Craig Sternberg
Diane Stevens, in memory of Toby Saks
Patricia Tall-Takacs and Gary Takacs
Jean B. Viereck
Christina Wright and Luther F. Black
Christian and Joyce Zobel
Alan L. Zullig


Kathy Andeway, in honor of Jill Bader
Marybeth Austin
Jill D. Bader Family
Mark and Heather Barbieri
Howard Berglund and Nan McKay
Marilyn Brockman and David Friedt
Gordon Brodfuehrer
Pam and Oliver Cobb, in memory of Dr. William “Bill” Cohn
Janice C. Condit
Joan and Frank Conlon
Shaun and Reed Corry
John Delo and Elizabeth Stokes
Vasiliki Dwyer
Mike Edwards and Jane Beno
James and Kathryn Ehnes
Janice and Gary Enzmann
Diana Gale and Jerry Hillis
Scott and Jennifer Gary
Jeffrey Norman and Martha Ann Golub
Betty Graham
Martin Greene and Kathleen Wright
Lyn and Jerry Grinstein
Tom Grow
Dr. M. Elizabeth Halloran
Erica and Nason Hamlin
Eddie and Marguerite Hasson
Terrence Hecker and Dan Savage
Kate Hokanson
Weldon Ihrig and Susan Knox
Ann Janes-Waller and Fletch Waller
June Kerr, in memory of Thomas Rockwell Kerr
Raymond and Carol Kujawa
January and Bryan LaPorte
Ruth and Walter MacGinitie
Barbara Mack
Breakthrough Fundraising Group
JoLynn Edwards and Hal Opperman
Jae Paek
Hal Perkins
Jack and Carolynn Prelutsky
Douglass and Katherine Raff
Richard and Alice Rapasky
Martin Selig
Nancy Lee Smith
David and Marcie Stone
Isabel and Herb Stusser
Michio and Kyoko Taguchi
Jack Tilford
Bradley Tong and Nanette Fok
Rabbi Rob and Jocelyn Toren
Betty Lou Treiger, in memory of Irwin Treiger
S. Vadman
Greg Wallace and Craig Sheppard
Eugene and Marilyn Webb
Elizabeth Wery
Wanda Wong
Jim and Nancy Woods
Nancy G. Worsham, in memory of Jerry C. Worsham


If your donor recognition is not as you wish, please contact our donor services at 206-283-8710 or